Synthetic Women’s Wigs

Synthetic wig nowadays utilized protein-rich fibers that are more realistic than previous years but still not as natural as the human hair wig. To tell the difference between the two types of wigs is to pull a strand out of the wig and burn it.

The strand that will bring a distinctive odour and burn slowly is made of natural hair while the synthetic one will tend to melt. Some advantages of synthetic hairs include less cost, lighter weight, easy home maintenance and cold water as well as humidity will not ruin its style. It can also be readily customized according to preferred cut, colour and texture.

The colour choices are also vast and natural-looking colour blends can be attained for high-quality ones as well as the said colours do not just fade or oxidize after sun exposure. For the disadvantages, synthetic wigs must avoid extreme heat to prevent accidents. Traditional hair colour cannot be used and may appear unnaturally shiny.

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