Wig Wand for Synthetic Women’s Wigs

When did you receive your first wig? What was your first reaction when you had it on your hands? Did you observe its great shine that can even reflect the rays of the sun?


Well, not all people like the sheen of the new synthetic hair wig that is why they look for a product in the market that can tone down the shine. The wig wand from Jon Renau was said to give the works but it is still depends on how the user’s categorize it. If it is favourable enough then synthetic wigs can be more like real human hair.

According to the product specifications, the Wig Wand is hypoallergenic, lightly scented mattifying powder which will reduce the high gloss from synthetic hair. How to use it? You just need to simply tap it in a few places on your wig and comb it after. Try it for $15 and tell us if it the unnatural shine will be really reduced.

pic via jeansboutiqueandwigs.com