Wigs That Look Real


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I am a big fan of wigs that look real.  I know what you’re thinking of course wigs look real, why else would you wear them.  That’s not really the case.  Not all wigs look real, not all wigs look great.  And it’s not even the price that will get you.

I’ve seen some great looking wigs that were $20-$50 dollars, made of synthetic fibers but still looked real.  In fact in many ways I prefer synthetics because their less expensive and there’s not as much maintenance as there would be with a human hair wig.

I know a lot of people believe that they need to pay a fortune for a human hair wig to get the realism that their looking for as well as an amazing looking hair piece.  And I get totally get it.  Some of my favorite wigs are up there in price from $300 and up, but as I’m not really rolling in the cash it’s best to be pragmatic.

Go to your local wig shop, or online wig stores.  Other posts on the site are chock full of links for you of great places to find wigs.  And those sites always have some kind of deal. But I do suggest going to your local wig shop to see some pieces in real life and if they look real enough for you.  Do some research and figure out who your favorite manufacturers are, look up their websites to see their latest collections.  Remember it’s about you being comfortable and looking good so having a real looking wig is something to look out for.


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