Half Wigs For Black Women

half wigs for black women


Sometimes especially in the summer I’m not in the mood for full wigs. I want something a little different, maybe it’s because I recently did my hair and just want a little more length or curl without the commitment that you have to give to extensions. That’s where half wigs come in, for black women at least it’s pretty easy to find them online or in wig shops. I like to go to New York for mine but there are so many varieties that all I have to do is find my favorite style and match my hair color.

Half wigs, are a little more involved than just slipping on a wig as you have to attach them to your hair. Most of them just clip into place though for a steady fasten so all you have to do after that is just cover it with your natural hair. Although recently I’ve been looking into half wigs to are attached to headbands. Some aren’t half bad though I’m waiting for some real stunners to wow me. Like the one shown in the picture, don’t get me wrong that is a half wig that is attached to a headband for first timers. I’m a sucker for length so it caught my attention right away.

I’m a fan of the half wig and have worn them when I had my prom, or gone out with friends to events. For me their more for special events or hanging out at the club if you will. Even in the summer though I might wear them once in a while, I tend to go wigless as it gets hot here. But I’m about ready to break them out again.

If you’re not ready to go full wig, and not many women are. Half wigs are a great option to solely guide you in while still showing off your natural hair. And they are usually cheaper than a full length wig so I say go online and check some out. You might see something that you like.