Costume Wig: Mullet x Florence Henderson

If you have seen the previous posts regarding the mullet-inspired costume wig, then can you say the similarity among them? Well, I won’t make it harder for you. Other featured mullet wigs have male personality with it.

This time, there will be a change. You can see how the mullet fits well with a woman in a person of Florence Henderson. Mullet may be got its name from a French fashion guru Henri Mollet that wore it in 70s. Let’s go back with Henderson who wore a mullet.

Also known as Femullet, the classic mullet has a twist for generating different emotions from spectators. If our female readers will try one, make sure to keep a safe distance because you won’t know what you can get.

Sometimes, the femullet can be annoying while it will be no surprise at all to see strangers hugging you in the crowd because they mistaken you as their long lost relative. It’s your choice.

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