Costume Wig: Mullet x Jared Allen

Why would famous celebrities opt to have a change in hairstyle? Maybe the same reason will push you to copy their experimental look.


According to Jared Allen, he made the mullet hair style because this instilled to him a sense of pride. If you are like him and you want to boost your ego, better attend the costume party with a mullet wig and impersonate the Viking’s player.

Mullet has short front while your locks grow long on the back. Feel like a real Viking with this look. Though it is very challenging, this specific National Football League style rocked the fans. According to Allen himself, be creative and make sure that the hairdo shows who really you are.

To add to your overall look is the sporty outlook where you can gear up with Viking’s uniform and the right attitude. You can also stand to what mullet head used to describe a person that is dim witted. What do you think about this costume wig idea?

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