Finding Strawberry Blonde Hair in Color Rings

Strawberry blond hair is one of the rarest hair colors in the natural world and most of the women you see sporting it had it dyed to achieve the look. But it’s popular so of course in the world of wigs it’s accessible to those that want it.

The problem when you order a wig is deciding whether or not the color is actually the right one. Never fear most retailers and wig manufacturers make finding strawberry blond hair in color rings easy. So what is a color ring?

It’s like a key-chain but instead of keys you have a collection of different hair strands each a different color with the name of the color. This helps clients make sure that the color they order suits them before they spend money on a wig. Of course the shading is different for each manufacturer so really the more high end, big name players each have their own color rings. Make sure that you get the right one before you start looking. After all the color on your computer screen might be a smidge distorted.

Getting the rings are pretty easy though. You can either go straight to the makers of the wigs or get them on wig websites. Once you find a wig that you like, check for more on the manufacturers specific page to see if they also sell color rings. Then if they do purchase that first before you make any other decisions. Next after finding strawberry blonde hair in color rings you can check to see if their shade suits you.