Getting A Blonde Hannah Montana Wig

It’s hard to believe that Miley Cyrus was once the innocent pre-teen/teen star of the smash Disney Channel hit Hannah Montana. Now I was too old to be a part of the wave when the show debuted but I remember the mania of young girls who lived and breathed the character. The show was everywhere and so was the merchandise and Miley Cyrus was Queen of the Disney stars. So of course that meant a surge in costumes so that little girls could dress as their idol.

I can honestly say that I believe that many parents thought that getting a blond Hannah Montana wig during Halloween and completing the look was of the utmost importance. You need a long, straight blonde Hannah Montana wig (or one with some pink streaks) to pull the look off. Now I wasn’t 100% sure that you could find the wig in costume stores anymore so as always when I’m looking for something I took to the internet.

Okay I admit that this isn’t the nicest wig that I’ve ever seen but your kid will be thrilled by it once you put all the elements together and she can proudly say that she’s Hannah Montana.