Jessica Simpson Ponytail

It’s amazing to see how many female celebrities not stylists mind you but actual female celebrities are in the world of wigs.  Another one of these superstars is Jessica Simpson and I hate to admit it but her line of hairpieces is actually pretty good looking.  And that’s mostly because of her partner, famed celebrity stylist Ken Paves.

Together they have created a very profitable and highly rated line of pieces that have really peaked my interest.  So let’s talk about the Jessica Simpson Ponytail which is actually pretty nice.  Of course ponytail wigs have been around for a while with varying degrees of quality to their names. But the Jessica Simpson Ponytail is actually something that I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear about of my home and it’s not wonder since there are two big names attached to it.

The Jessica Simpson Ponytail is perfect for that girl who has shorter hair and can’t quite pull off that long and full ponytail look that some of us my want. It looks incredibly natural with shades that look real or as always salon created. It’s incredibly long coming in at about 18” but if you know what you’re doing than giving it a little trim shouldn’t be a problem. What’s really interesting about this piece is the fact that it’s a wrap around so you’ll have a youthful look to your style. And my favorite bit is that it can take heat. I love any synthetic that can take heat like a natural wig can as it opens up a few more options for you. You’ll have to be careful though because the Jessica Simpson Ponytail can only take up to about 160C of heat before it cause damage. So curl or curve to your hearts content.

For me it’s on my must have list, my hair takes forever to grow and I can’t pull off the full looking ponytail no matter how I style it. So an attachable without a full wig is pretty tempting especially if I style it as I please. And don’t worry about the clip showing as the wrap around piece covers it, so you’re safe.