Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again there is nothing that I love more than high quality, long, flowing wigs. And Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig fits the bill of the kind of wig that I’m a fan of. And I’m also a big fan of Monofilament wigs. Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig is everything that I love and it’s easy to see why. The monofilament top allows you a lot of versatility when it comes to styling and choices. So let’s go a little deeper and really examine what we’re talking about here.

Here’s one way that you can wear Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig, parted down in the middle the monofilament top allows the illusion of scalp. And even though the hair isn’t real, the texture and quality of the fiber perfectly mimics real human hair making this an amazing piece for any collection. As with many professional pieces Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig comes in different shades with natural looking highlights. So if you want to stay in your natural hair color or experiment then you’ll be happy to know that you have some options.

But like I said earlier, Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig can be restyled and this is a perfect example. While it doesn’t appear that the fibers used can take heat, the long hair style, and technique allows for a surprising amount of versatility and like I said earlier the monofilament top gives you the option to change up your hairstyle and maintain the scalp illusion. It’s a gorgeous wig and on my personal wishlist.

Brief facts before I go off on a tangent, Jon Renau’s Amanda Mono Top Wig has a monofilament cap that gives off the illusion of scalp throughout the entire piece. It’s breathable preventing heavy sweating and giving plenty of time between maintenance. It also has the all important lace front that most high quality pieces should have giving the wearer a natural looking hairline.