Kat Von D Wigs With Highlights


Kat Von D is famous for two things, her tattoos and her wild hair.  It seems like every month she debuts a new hairstyle.  It ranges but we’ve seen her with highlights, blue hair, blonde hair, and even as a redhead. Of course while I admire her adventurous nature, there is not telling the amount of damage that she’s doing to it.

The more dye that she uses, the more likely it is that she’s causing her hair to weaken and break.  It’s even started rumors that she’s a wig wearer and that she’s been losing her hair.  Now as I don’t know Kat Von D, I can clearly say that it’s  none of my business so let’s get on with her style.

It’s not easy to find wigs that match Kat Von D’s personal style, well at least the one that we see her with most.  Tracking down Kat Von D Wigs With Highlights isn’t simple because in all actulity you can’t just search her name.  What you’ll really have to do is find wigs that kinda sorta match her personal style.  Lucky today’s wigs are really flexible so if the front doesn’t quite look right then trimming it and styling it with wig approved products can take care of that.  The most important part when you’re trying to create Kat Von D Wigs With Highlights is to make sure that the dye and where it’s place is just right.


This comes to us from aliexpress.com a really nice black wig with red highlights in the front. This is one of the more regular styles that she wears, where the majority of her hair is black and only the front section is dyed either red or blond with a few streaks.  And really it’s pretty close to her style and as close to Kat Von D Wigs With Highlights as a person can get without a stylist can get.

Now I’m not a huge fan of this look.  I personally don’t like the bangs all that much and I prefer my highlights to be all through the hair and not just in the front.  But while looking at pics of the different colors that Kat Von D used with sporting it, I’ve noticed that she isn’t one to place the dye anywhere other than in the front parts of her hair.  Not my scene but I could see why people would favor it.