Kat Von D Wigs


Now while I said earlier that looking for Kat Von D Wigs could be difficult that only counts for the highlights. Luckily for fans of her style, she’s sported many different hairdos since she came to to prominence through the world of reality TV and her relationship with celebrities like Jesse James and DeadMau5. The one thing that people have really noticed is the multitude of hairstyles that she’s gone through over the years.

Now one thing that’s surfaced, again something that I’ve mentioned before, is that there were many rumors going around that Kat Von D was walking around wearing wigs. And if this is true then it would make some sense since with wigs you can cycle many looks without worrying about hair damage. Especially in her case because the changes to her hair include lots of dye. I’m not sure about the other half, the ones that say that she was losing her hair, but if they were true (and again I’m emphasizing the fact that I wouldn’t know) there’s not surprise for me because much like other hair care products like Perms, hair dye can really break and shatter your hair. The classic example being people who use things like bleach. Always, always make sure that either you know what you’re doing or go to a professional.


In the case of finding Kat Von D Wigs it isn’t really as simple as tracking down her name and finding people who sell her wigs. She unfortunately isn’t that big of a name and unlike stars like Tina Turner wouldn’t have people making wigs that specifically look like her hairy. But you can come very close with a lot of research. So let me give you a helping hand.

This is one of Kat Von D Wigs amazon.com that reflects one of her tamer styles. Just jet black with a very flattering curl and the end with a side part. Now I’m not a big fan of the part mostly because I don’t like the tuck in but other than that (which could be changed), I do like the style of this wig. It looks pretty great, but at least for me a little to shiny. The most important thing is though that it doesn’t really look fake. Maybe someone who is experienced with wigs could tell, but walking down the street there isn’t anyone who should know your little secret.

But for those who want to go a little more cartoony, Kat Von D did sport an entirely redheaded look that feels a little Jessica Rabbit-ish. Fire Engine red and wavy all the way through, this looks a lot more fake and definitely more along the lines of a halloween costume. Of course the fakeness is due to the color of anything else. The secret to a good wig is always it’s color. To bright and it won’t look natural (especially if it’s not made with human hair). To shiny and it won’t help either. For me though the main problem is that I don’t like the shade of red, I prefer a darker, richer, more auburn color myself. But if you disagree with me and you might this is from the folks at mycostumewigs.com in their celeb section in the name of the woman herself.