Long Brown Braided Wig – Get That Dorothy Look!

I can’t think of anyone that I know that hasn’t heard of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. If you haven’t read the books, seen the movie, or even heard of the smash hit Wicked then you must not be a resident of the Western Hemisphere. Even if you’ve managed to avoid the girl all these years then you’ve seen usage of her image in commercials and advertisements.

Dorothy and her little red shoes are a part of American culture like mom and apple pie. That’s why every Halloween and every costume party there is at least one person dressed as her. Adult or child, it’s a costume that is easily recognizable.

So how do your dress as a perfect Dorothy? Easy, first you need a blue and white gingham dress, white shirt, basket, little dog, the iconic sparkly red shoes, and don’t forget a long brown braided wig – get that Dorothy look! Most of this stuff can be found at any costume store or online or you can go DIY it or another option if find the pieces at a second hand shop for that nostalgic look. But the wig that’s another matter. You’ll either have to have long brown hair, or grab a wig online or in a costume shop. So why don’t I make your search a little easier. Here’s what we’re looking for.

Of course this is from the (enter here) sexy version costumes but that doesn’t mean that this wig isn’t Dorothy. It doesn’t look real but I’m making an exception for it because it is a costume wig. And I like it slightly more than others that I’ve seen online.