Mullet Wig x Tom Jones

How can you distinguish the mullet from other hairstyle? Aside from being popularized by famous celebrities like Tom Jones, it has a characteristic look that is short at the front and sides while it is long in the back.

The said look started in 1960s but can be also in the trend nowadays by reviving the retro look. So why would you choose Tom Jones? Because when the modern mullet began to appear, this Welsh pop singer was one of the first spotted wearing one.

Aside from having sold over 100 million records, Jones can be a good costume inspiration because of his exuberant live act wearing tight trousers and billowing shirts. To perfect his look, master the Edwardian style and equip yourself with the raucous stage presence, act and vocal delivery as influenced by Elvis Presley.

Jones’ contagious energy should be seen on your outfit as you sang the Green Green Grass of Home. For men out there, don’t be surprised if women swoon over your open hal unbuttoned shirt and tight pants as the mullet wig completes your charismatic entrance to the party.

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