The Amy Winehouse Wig and Look

Do you want to sport a different look for this year’s Halloween party? Then why not try imitating the look of the crackish Amy Winehouse. You start off by searching for the right Amy Winehouse wig to wear. She has been popular for the beehive hairdo. Instead of coming up with aerosols that can damage your hair just to create that look, it is much better to come up with the Amy Winehouse wig.

Then you also wear the right makeup according to her style. You wing out your eye liner out at the tips and some powdered sugar around your nose. Smear some of the mascara under your eyes with some water. Draw some red pen on your skin as if you have scratches all over. Wear some pair of ballet flats and you may want to blacken some of your teeth out.

Yes I know it is weird. But it is perfect for Halloween, right?

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