Tina Turner Wigs


It’s pretty easy to forget that Ms. Tina Turner has had more than one hairstyle in her time.  Let’s face it when you think of Tina Turner, the first thing that comes to mind is that 80’s hair.  Spiky, high, shaggy, deep honey base, and black roots it’s truly an iconic look that’s been imprinted in our minds for years.  It’s her most famous look and has been famously featured in pop culture, after all every single Tina Turner Halloween costume features that particular hairstyle.

But like I said earlier, she did have more than one hairstyle and some of them looked amazing.  Wigs give us the ability to change our look whenever we feel like it, without subjecting our locks to damage.  I mean I know my hair couldn’t take all the teasing, heat, and coloring that it would take to sport one of her looks.  It would fall apart in brittle little twigs in my hands.  But that’s why we have wigs.  So I went looking for some of the better Tina Turner Wigs around.

Now of course, I would suggest that you take a look around your local wig shops to see if they have anything that might catch your eye.  But the quality isn’t always that great and the price might be more than you’re willing to afford.  Then again we do live in the world of the internet and you do have options.



For example there’s internationalwigs.com and I know what you’re thinking that it’s the classic spiky do and you’d be right.  But really look at it.  It’s darker, much more flattering to a woman of color and while it isn’t your everyday wig

, I could see myself wearing it if I was going to a party.  It’s not that costumey and it doesn’t look that cheap or fake.  This is a piece that has real quality in it’s looks and best of all it doesn’t look synthetic.  And trust me with that because I’ve worn synthetic wigs that looked awful and obvious. All in all, I really like this one because of the work that went into it.  It’s classy, fun, and a little wild.  It also comes in a bunch of different colors from black to red to the classic Tina blend.

I wish there was a little more variety in the Tina Turner Wigs  that are available but there is a reason why this look is so popular.  It’s just unfortunate that our idea of Ms. Turner is stuck in the 80’s since she’s worn so many pieces.  Honestly no other celebrity has done more for wigs than her.