Wear This Sexy Indian Wig and Be Like Pocahontas

It’s amazing how time just flies by. It feels like summer just started but already we’re so close to Halloween, that means candy and parties. And parties means costumes, and so far every year (at least while I’ve been alive) there are some costumes that are always around. The sexy (enter whatever here), cowboys, astronauts, cops, and of course the Native American/Indian costume.

The Indian costume is a classic and one that you’ll see at every Halloween party that you might go to. So as a woman if you plan on looking the part wear this sexy Indian wig and be like Pocahontas. I remember being a kid and seeing that movie for the first time and thinking that she had amazing long hair. I can’t grow mine that long, but last year I dressed as her for Halloween and I knew that I couldn’t pull off the look without the hair. So as always off to the internet I went. Oh and I also went to add that if you’re searching online be specific or you’ll get results for real human hair and not the costume that you want.

I have to say for a costume piece it actually looks pretty great. If it was of a higher quality this would be on my must have shortlist. Anyway it’s pretty sexy, long and black. And if you’ll notice in the front there’s also two long strands held together by what looks like suede. The headband and the feather just set off the look. All you need is the right costume and you’re completely set. Thumbs up to this wig, and if you want to check it out then look no further.