Women’s Costume Wigs: Black Cleopatra

Look at the picture above. Can you guess the inspiration of thus costume wig? I will give you some clue. This woman from the Ptolemaic dynasty was the last person to rule Egypt as a pharaoh. Yes, a woman can be a pharaoh too. She performed well as a leader as she adopted common beliefs and deities.

This is quite intriguing, right? If you want to portray a strong and powerful character then have Cleopatra VII Philopator. This woman was associated with Gaius Julius Caesar as well as Mark Antony. Can you guess how she died? It was according to tradition of killing herself by means of asp bite. If you want to be a re-incarnation and embodiment of the goddess of wisdom as Cleopatra claimed she was, have this wig and be a popular figure. To get the proper outfit to match the wig, browse numerous works of art and dramatizations of her story in literature and other media where Cleopatra is depicted with great beauty and sexual appeal.

pic via extremewigs.com