Women’s Halloween Wig: Wednesday Friday Addams

If you have been captivated by the fictional Addams Family or even scared by them then let’s congratulate cartoonist Charles Addams for a job well done on The New Yorker.


The daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams got her name from a well-known nursery rhyme line Wednesday’s child is full of woe. So why would you choose this six-year-old girl’s wig as part of your Halloween costume? Her fascination with death and macabre is just perfect for the occasion. You just need to mimic her pale skin and grim-look as you equip yourself with the dark hair-colored wig.

Though very sweet, this girl is unbelievably strong. You can also bring her spider Homer or if you are not brave enough, just bring her favourite Marie Antoinette doll but headless dolls as well. Take note that her most-loved toy was guillotined by her brother. This girl loves to paint and write poem too. What do you think?

pic via spirithalloween.com