Blonde Wig With Bangs – Style it On Your Own

So say you buy a wig and you want to style it. Well it really depends on what kind of wig you buy and how experienced you are. Let’s narrow down the topic and talk about a blonde wig with bangs – style it on your own. It’s not for everyone.

First the best product is to use a human hair wig or a synthetic wig that uses something like True2life tech that allows it to take heat. That allows you the freedom to use irons and styling products to change the original look of the wig to something that suits you better, but remember this before you use any heat check on the wig package/instructions for the temp settings. Also make sure that you have heat protectants and other products that are made specifically for wigs. You can get these on most wig retailer websites or straight from the manufacturer of the wig you buy.

But if you’re a newbie and truly don’t want to take the wig to a wig shop and have it professionally styled then I suggest you straight practicing on cheaper wigs before you move on to the big guns. After all human hair wigs aren’t cheap. Go to your local shop and get some tips or you can DIY it by watching videos on youtube and learn how to do it. Always make sure that you’re using wig brushes either ones for synthetic or human hair. Use the right products and take your time. Once you’re sure how to go about it then feel free to customize your wig.