Short Black Bob Wig For Elegant Nights

When people think of classic chic looks for a woman on a night out on the town then you have to look for the little black dress. But that’s not the only fashion statement that making a scene these days. Ever since the debut of the film Chicago and Catherine Zeta Jones’ little black bob more and more women are enjoying the style.

The style highlights the face giving any woman who wears it an instant feeling of danger and sex appeal mixed with sophistication. Of course you could always buy a costume wig, but if you really want to knock people’s socks off then you need to vamp it up a bit.

This is my favorite style of bob. Very stylish and a great short black bob for elegant nights. A bit on the long side for a bob cut it comes in at chin length with heavy front bangs. For a cheaper wig, the sheen on the synthetic fibers is pretty great giving it a very natural look. It’s a more modern take on the classic bob and that’s really why I’m a fan of it. But you do have the option of going more traditional with your look though the trend in hair is updating modern classics. I have found this bob with a streak of blue or red that I found pretty good looking if you’re on the younger side.

One thing that I saw is that the better looking bob wigs were from Japan which makes sense. The bob is huge there and a large chunk of Japanese women (especially career woman) seem to favor it. That’s the great thing about the internet though, the fact that you have options. So check out this cut and many more bobs.