A Few Tips To Take Care Of Your Brown Afro Wig

Maybe you have bought your brand new brown afro wig already and you are just as ready to attend and stand out in your reunion costume party. You have been so excited that you totally forgot about how to take care of it and maintain its good looks. Therefore, here are some tips to consider doing to help you keep it looking great:

• You know that your brown afro wig needs some washing if it feels sticky already and all tangled up. It is just like your hair when you know and feel it is dirty enough to be washed.
• Untangle some knots and soak it for several minutes before you wash it with a wig shampoo in the basin. Never do it with a washing machine for this be ungentle for your wig.
• Just pat the wig when you dry it so that it won’t ever lose its original shape.

Photos via costumecraze.com and fancydressfast.com