Afro Wig – Perfect for Hippie Styled Parties

Ah the afro. A hairstyle that had its heyday back in the 1970’s but has lingered to this day. While it went out of style in the 80’s it has made a resurgence in recent years due to the natural hair movement. What is the natural hair movement?

Well in short, in recent years black women in America (not all but a good chunk) have stopped using harmful hair straightening products and allowed their hair to go back to it’s natural state. And it’s catching on simply due to the fact that natural black hair is incredibly versatile. That means you’ll be seeing a lot more Afros in the future.

Of course the afro has made appearances during Halloween and costume parties. After the 70’s look is very popular during that time of the year and afro wig – perfect for hippie styled parties is not that hard to find. If you can’t grow it out yourself (and that wouldn’t be surprising) then a wig is the only way to go.

Now this is what I’m talking about. I love this wig, not only does it look incredibly real (lacking that costume wig look) but it looks authentic 60’s/70’s with how high it is. It’s big and beautiful and honestly if I had an afro face I’d wear it in a heartbeat. It’s made of gorgeous and is available in a lighter shade. Also unlike a lot of costume wigs it comes with adjustable straps and hooks to help secure it on your head. So no sliding off here. But don’t think that I’ve forgotten that men also sport to ‘fro as the kids like to see.

Not as nice as the one before but it isn’t bad. Unfortunately men don’t get as much love in the wig making community as women so their stuff always looks a little worse. But c’mon how could you not be fly if you wore this? The only thing that would make it better is if it came with some giant Tom Jones mutton chops. Once you have the hair building the look is a snap, so grab your peace sign necklace, your bell bottom pants, platform shoes, dance under the disco ball all night.