Afro Wig Costume x Richard Simmons

If you want to present a funny character in an afro wig then your first option is Richard Simmons. So, who the heck is Richard Simmons in the first place?


Well, he is a known American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs. Simmons is also famous through his Sweatin’ to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and DVDs with his eccentric, outgoing personality.

A striking cultural icon, this hyper-energetic exercise fanatic has an outlandish character and thus will only require you to copy his attitude. For the costume, you just need to wear a very short athletic short and a wrestling tank top as well as a pair of sneakers worn with very high tube socks.

Do not forget to put on your favourite afro wig to complete the costume. So are you ready for the next party to try this costume on? Do you have the guts to dowhat it takes to be able to impersonate this kind of personality?

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