Black Afro Wig For That King Of Pop Style

Pay tribute to the late of King of Pop and attend a party looking like him during his younger years! It does not matter whatever age you may be, but just wear a black afro wig and be transported to the days when he was still part of the Jackson Five or singing “Thriller” in the streets.

You must match it up with some 1970s polyster outfit – a solid color shirt with buttons that comes along with a wide collar and a pair of plaid pants; top it off with a black afro wig and you are set to go. You can also watch the MTV of his song Thriller and just imitate the red leather jacket that he wore. Those were the times too when he was still proud of displaying his short afro hairstyle.

But nothing can make your wearing of the black afro wig to really pay off without learning some Michael Jackson dance moves!

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