Gary Spivey And His White Afro Wig Collection

Known for being a prominent expert psychic and his ever enduring trademark of his white afro wig, Gary Spivey has been a hot name since the early parts of the nineties. He started being popular from radio and expanding his programs on television. He also authored a book that deals with the supernatural elements and became a founder of a retreat house in California.

His retreat center focuses on various concepts and techniques that will be related with a wide range of school of thoughts and principles. The title of his book is Your Keys To Heaven.

He continues to believe in describing himself as a medium and a spiritual healer, not to mention a cult leader. Through all these, it remains quite a puzzle why he maintains his collection of white afro wigs and why keeps on wearing them. Maybe it makes him feel like he was just sent from heaven – some angel sent from above.

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