Hippie Male Afro Wig Costume

Have you read the recent posts? What did you observed from these or is there a similarity among the afro wig costume ideas? If you still did not get it, the previous afro wig ideas were perfect for female.

But that is not fair, right male readers? So to make it up to you, this article will give you an idea on how males can utilize afro wig as a hippie costume. Hippie ideas do  not require certain skin color or race to perfectly match it. In fact, it is generally okay for anyone who has the guts to get the party get going.

In a musical theme, the afro wig will complement perfectly with the casual bell sleeve or simple T-shirt, a colorful pair of bell bottomed pants and a hair band for an accessory. You can also bring a guitar with you so that everyone can directly get the point of your costume.

pic via buycostumes.com