Motown Tress Atlanta Wigs

Have you ever been to weave contents down South?  Because I have and there is nothing more that they love that crazy, amazing, and cool hair.  The best hairdressers, wig makers, and weave sowers in the country descend on the ATL to show off their skills in the hair department.  Their names are famous on the hair scene but of course if you don’t live around their area there’s no way to get your hands on their products.  That is of course until the creation of the internet. Now you can get some of the best African American wigs on the market and there is no company quite like Motown Tress.

They’ve been around for a long time (37 years), and have been making wigs that cater the African American woman.  The styles range from the crazy to the classy and are a mix of human hair and synthetic wigs.  Specifically the hair looks natural, and as they know their customer base their wigs look either like natural chemical free hair or permed.  Best of all they look right on African American women which is why they’ve lasted so long as a company.

Motown Tress Atlanta Wigs is a short wig (in the modern style) with side-sweeping bangs, slight featuring on the top, and a tapered back.  Of course like most high quality wig makers they’ve included monofilament in it.  If you haven’t read my posts before then let me explain what monofilament is to you.  Monofilament is a component of wigs that mimics the skin and part in the hairline.  It makes looks like a scalp bleeding in through a part and looks a hundred percent natural.  It’s how you know you’re buying from a credible high quality wig maker.  No matter how inexpensive the wig is if it has monofilament you know that the company churns out a great product.

Once again if you’ve read my posts on what kind of wigs I’m into then you’ll know that I love my hair to be on the longer side. I personally have shoulder-length hair, and any pieces that I own are the same length or longer.  If I do have any shorter pieces than at most they come my chin.  That being said personally I’m not that into this look. And not because it’s short.  Maybe it’s just me but I find it way too shiny.  And I get why, I went natural a few years ago but when I used to relax my hair until the first wash it had an unnatural shininess to it that I never liked.  I looked forward to that first wash when my hair would look great and full again.  So for me this would be a pass.  But if that doesn’t turn you off, this is still a real high quality piece that does look real and would be a good addition to any African American woman’s collection. You can find the Motown Tress Atlanta Wigs  on their website.