Spiky Shag Tina Turner Wig


Let’s face it, Tina Turner is one of the greatest performers in history.  And aside from her legs one of her most prominent attributes is her hair.  Now Tina’s worn it long and short, but the most iconic look for her has always been that wild shaggy Private Dancer/What’s love got to do with it hairdo.

Now I’ve seen many wigs that try to replicate this wig and for the most part they don’t look that great.  They look fake, stringy, and fall apart pretty easily as you try to place it.  And it makes sense why their so low quality, after all the majority of these wigs are made for Halloween costumes.  Getting this look isn’t impossible if you’re hair is long enough but not all of us have the length required to do this look justice.  So the best bet is wigs.  You can look like Ms. Tina Turner though I can’t guarantee that you’ll sound like her or have those legs when you’re in your 70’s. And yeah, the wig probably won’t help you do that awesome high kick but at least you’ll have the hair and that’s something.


Now there are several places where an enterprising wig enthusiast could track down the Spiky Shag Tina Turner Wig either at your local wig store, if you have one, or places online like www.thewigmall.com.  Both of these sites have an interesting take on the style with funfancydress.com going the slightly more ridiculous route with a plantinum blond base and tips capped off with black roots.  While thewigmall.com decided to go with more of a honeyblond base but kept the black roots.  Personally I like thewigmall.com much better, it just looks more real and a lot more flattering.

Honestly the Spiky Shag Tina Turner Wig is not for me, it doesn’t work well with my face and would look pretty bad on me.  It’s just too spiky and high and too 80’s so while I would definitely recommend this for Tina Turner fans and for your Halloween costume, I couldn’t see myself walking out into the street to go grocery shopping with it.  It’s just a little much, then again I’m more a child of the 90’s.

Still the nostalgia factor is pretty great, and it works for Ms. Tina.  So if you’ve decided to dance for money and do want someone wants you to do, or you’ve decided to watch the Ike and Tina movie, or you just want to feel fabulous for fabulous’ sake then feel free to take a look and try these do’s out.