Barrister Wig

barrister wig1


If I said that you should buy a barrister wig would you even know what I meant?  Probably not if you’re an American.  But if you, like me, love watching BBC America or have been to England, or have any idea of foreign culture than it should be a term that you’re familiar with.

A barrister is a practicing attorney in England.  Unlike American lawyers who just wear suits, barristers wear a black robe and white wig over their clothing.  It’s a longstanding tradition that they still follow to this day.  Something that we have gotten rid of for our lawyers but not for the Judges who still wear black robes.

Regardless, I’m not particularly sure that barrister costumes are in such high demand over here.  Well unless you’re British, love the BBC, or an actor trying out for a part and trying hard to stand out.  Either way, I’m hear to help you in your endeavors.  The easiest part of the whole thing will be finding the black robe.  There are a ton of Judge costumes out there that you can find and use or you can go online and search them out.

Next, I recommend looking for pictures of actual barristers to make sure that the wig that you choose is right.  I’ve often found costume wigs that claim to belong to the character that I want to dress up as but look nothing like them.  So make sure that you have a good idea of what a barrister wig looks like before you make your purchase.

Other than that enjoy your wig.


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