Big Hair Wigs

big hair wigs


Have you ever heard the term, the term ‘The Higher to Heaven the Closer to God’? It’s a term that defined the big hair of the 80’s, where the more you could tease and work your hair until it got as big as it could the better it would look. Celebrities and everyday teenage girls would wear this look, using mousse and a ton of hair spray. In order to prevent their hair from falling flat you’d have no choice but to carry these products with you in order to maintain the look.

However big hair and the process to get big hair (which was often combined with the technique of crimping and that’s a lot of heat) was incredibly damaging to the follicles. That means a lot of breaking and unnecessary hair damage. But luckily we live in an era where you don’t have to worry about ruining your hair to get close to God. I mean even Dolly Parton, who really held on for as long as she could, let go of the style.

Lady Gaga Leaves Her London Hotel


So how do you get that big hair? Easy, wigs my friends just wigs. Mostly big hair wigs would be costume pieces, but costume wigs have been stepping up lately when it comes to quality. So there are some great looking wigs to be found. Also there are some big name manufacturers that make big hair wigs for public consumption. Checking out the big retailers like Vogue Wigs would be the first step to really seeing what’s out there in the higher end field before checking out the costume pieces.

Wherever you find your big hair wigs, make sure of the sizes and the colors before you make your purchase. If you’re not buying from a big name site, then I recommend making sure that you can return the wig if you don’t like it. Always do your research before you flash back to the time of Hair Metal.


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