Blonde Pigtail Wig For the Sailor Moon Look!

Let me just start out by saying how much I love Sailor Moon. I’m not kidding as a child of the 90’s I grew up with the English dub version shown on TV every weekday afternoon and later morning. I adored the show and as a teenager I watched the far superior original Japanese version.

I’ve read the manga series, watched all the movies (again in Japanese because the 90’s era of dubbing was awful), and even watched the live action TV show. I’m even on board for the new version of the anime coming out soon. So yes, I adore Sailor Moon.

Hey I even dressed as my favorite scout, Sailor Pluto for Halloween three years in a row. But this isn’t about her (even though it’s totally unfair that she isn’t a Sailor Scout because Pluto isn’t a planet anymore) this is about our title character. The bubbly airhead, the kindhearted teenager, the Princess of the Moon, and the Future Queen of Earth/Universe is. Now a days, Sailor Moon is mostly known by teenagers or dedicated anime fans who grew up with the show. It’s not something that is popular with the little girls of today. But go to any anime or comic book convention and I guarantee you’ll see at least one person dressed as Sailor Moon. It’s practically a tradition.

For the most part the costume is pretty easy to put together and if you have issues with sowing then you can find it online on cosplay (costume play) websites. No the hardest thing to find is the right blond pigtail wig for the Sailor Moon look! Not even the cosplay world is exempt from bad wigs and finding one that doesn’t look bad in the traditional Odango Atama (Meatball Head) style with almost waist length hair is tricky. But I’ve taken it upon myself to find and give you some pretty good ones.
Remember if you plan on dressing as the Pretty Sailor Soldier or any of her fellow Scouts then you’ll need the right wigs. So many are the wrong colors, too long, or too short so unless you know how to style synthetics you’ll need to get your purchase right the first time. Also I just want to add that you might want to hold off on the costumes since a new version of the show is coming in December of this year 2013. That might mean a complete update on the uniforms that they were.