Blue Wigs

blue wig2


I haven’t worn a colored wig since I graduated from college. I mostly gravitated to darker colors like red, dark blues and greens, even purple once. I mostly liked streaks but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy a full colored wig every once and a while. I switched wigs a lot, because I was always afraid of doing damage to my hair. It’s how I got into wigs in fact. I liked the freedom of change without the commitment or potential hair damage. So I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to try out different colors. Though there is one color that is making the rounds right now more than any other.

Because of Katy Perry mostly, blue wigs have been dominating right now. Everyone wants one whether it’s for Halloween or for their own personal enjoyment.


blue wig3


Whatever the reason, I would be hard pressed to tell you that you’re going to find a really high quality blue wig. For the most part that impossible. Most full colored  routine wigs are costume pieces though you might find something in a wig store. In fact I would recommend going to your local wig shop and seeing if they make wigs in house. If they do, then you’ll be able to have a blue wig or any color that they can get that is styled the way you would like it to be. Though I have to warn you that custom wigs are a little pricey. So in the end it’s your choice go online and try your luck or spend a little more for your own signature style.

blue wig