Cruella Deville Wig

cruella deville

Even if you’ve never seen the movies or TV show or read the book I’m sure you know the name 101 Dalmatians.  And if that Disney classic doesn’t ring a bell then you know the name Cruella Deville (real subtle guys).

Anyway while the younger generation (I can’t believe I said that) might not have seen the movie, and honestly it was before my time so I’ve never seen it.  I do remember the TV show that aired in the 90’s.  I also had the picture book so I know what Cruella looks like.

She’s been a pretty popular Halloween costume that I still see out and about and why wouldn’t she be.  You got to admit even though she wants to make a fur coat out of adorable puppies, Cruella is fashionable.  That sharp v-neck black dress, that mink coat, the cigarette holder and of course that two tone hair.  She’s a stylish crazy lady, and I love her.

The wig itself is pretty easy to find at most costume shops, but even then you can find more online with a quick search.  So indulge your inner crazy lady with the fashion maven of wickedness herself Cruella Deville.