Dirty Blonde Wig – Wear The Kurt Cobain Look

I was too young to truly understand the whole Nirvana craze and didn’t realize why Kurt Cobain’s death was a big deal. But a lot of people idolized the man and his music and to this day he’s acknowledged as the herald of the Grunge music scene and the voice of a whole generation.

So I guess I can understand that people would want to dress up as him right? Well the look is pretty easy to achieve if you go to any second hand store. But you’ll also need a dirty blonde wig – wear the Kurt Cobain look.

That’s right how can you expect to be anything like the legendary rocker with the wig. It’s pretty easy to find, all you need is a dirty blond piece about shoulder length. Of course if you already have the length and color then you’re golden. Let me give you an example:

Again my picks are costume wigs since this look is mostly going to be worn by men. Also as these are costume wigs this is as close to Kurt Cobain as you’re going to get. This is my first pick and I know it’s bad. But for a costume wig, again a male costume wig, it’s as good as it’s going to get. It’s way too poofy and is more reminiscent of Michelle Pieffer (1990’s) then Kurt Cobain but pair it with flannel and you’ll be okay.

This one is a little better but I feel like the model is channeling the Crow more than a grunge rocker. Again for the price this is okay. But let’s face you’re only going to wear it for the costume it has no other redeeming value to it.