Geisha Wigs

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While most westerners might not know the term geisha, they will recognize the look. Although the movie Memoirs of a Geisha (played by a Chinese actress) captivated audience that’s not to say that Americans actually know what a geisha is or how it relates to Japanese society. In many ways while Geisha themselves aren’t necessarily prostitutes anymore it’s not a part of Japan that they acknowledge.

I’ve never been to a Geisha house (mostly the place of businessmen) but like many Americans I’ve seen the elaborate kimonos and hairstyles that they wear. And like many things that fascinate us in America you can create a Geisha costume for yourself. Now traditional Geisha rarely wear wigs but they can if they so choose. However in the West it might be easier to just buy a geisha wig.


geisha wig1


This is one of those looks that you’re not going to find in a wig shop, or even a costume store or retailer. Instead the internet is going to be your best chance at finding a wig. And internet search could do the trick as there are big name costume wig makers who sell their products on different websites. I would even recommend looking up cosplayers online as many of them are incredibly talented and will custom make your Geisha wig at a fair price.

Whatever your choice before you start your search, I would recommend looking up pictures of Geisha in order to make sure that you buy the right piece.


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