Joe Dirt Wig

joe dirt wig2


Let me start off by saying that I have never in my life watched the Joe Dirt movie.  Oh, I know what it is. The David Spade vehicle (before we realized that he was better off doing sitcoms and starring in Adam Sandler movies) about a “redneck” who didn’t realize that there is a reason that the Mullet died.

Regardless, I do understand that Joe Dirt was pretty popular and to this day people still enjoy it.  So I can’t really judge it (even though I am kind of judging it).  Anyway, the Joe Dirt costume pops up every now and again.  It’s a pretty simple look for men to pull off without much effort, and doesn’t cost to much.  In fact the clothes themselves are pretty much regular civilian clothes all you really need in the end is the wig.

So what I suggest is just buying the mullet.  All you have to do is either again go to a party store or retail store that is selling costumes and look around until you find a mullet. Some online costume stores have some great wigs that are advertised as Joe Dirt wigs but it might just be easier to get a mullet.  Just make sure to read reviews if they have any before you buy them.

Some and I’m stressing this, some costume manufacturers use really shoddy fibers and their wigs start falling apart the minute you remove it from the packaging.  Remember also to check the size of the wig before you buy it.  It’s probably going to stay on your head for a while, and a tight wig not only hurts but, in my case at least, can give you a nasty headache.


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