Korean Wigs

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What do I mean when I say Korean Wigs?  Certainly a large number of wigs are produced in countries like India, Korea, and China.  And yes, a lot of natural hair comes from these countries as well, which is what I’m talking about.

The Korean hair industry is big, bringing in a ton of natural hair and synthetic wigs to America.  They are a go to provider for the American wig industry because of their skill and the quality of the natural hair that they use.

Let’s start with the natural hair, it’s popular because of the length, the color, how well it takes to dye (which is incredibly important) and how easy it is to form into wigs.  A lot of the natural hair wigs that I own are either Korean and Indian.


korean wigs


Some of the biggest named wig lines in the States are made up of Korean hair which hopefully tells you something about how into it people are.  For the most part wig makers are upfront about where they get their hair from if you check out the wig details for information.

How do you know which one you prefer?  Well for that I suggest going to a wig store and asking if the owners have wigs made of Korean hair.  Most of the time they will, try them on and feel them out.  That way you’ll have a good idea of the feel and the thickness that you get, maybe even a good idea of the versatility if you’re planning on styling your wig.  Korean hair may be popular but make sure it’s the hair for you.


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