Marge Simpson Wig

marge simpson wig2


And we’re back to the Halloween wig because why else would you. Don’t get me wrong I love the Simpsons. They’ve been on the air since forever in my opinion. When I was born they were already a thing so I can’t imagine a world where the Simpsons didn’t exist. Also the shows a little stale for me personally but that doesn’t change the fact that the show and family are icons. The Simpsons are known and viewed all over the world through TV but mostly DVD sales.

They’ve been featured in books, magazines, games, and of course their feature film (which yes I did see in theaters). The Simpsons are everywhere and Marge is a star, I mean she was even in Playboy. So it’s plan to say that around Halloween you might see a few couples going as Marge and Homer and if they have kids… well you guessed it Bart, Lisa, and Maggie might also make an appearance too.

Dressing up as Marge is pretty easy except for a few steps. The dress is simple and can be either homemade or bought like the rest of her accessories (necklace and shoes). But there are two items that you’re going to have to make a real effort for. The first is easy, just buying a blue high wig. And luckily that’ s easy to find and get online. A quick search on online costume shops or even stores like Amazon can get you the wig with no problems. And I do suggest a real search and looking at the wig ratings because some of them fall apart easily and you want something that’s going to last the night. No I want to see who’s really dedicated and dyes their skin yellow. Because then friends I’d give you some really cosplayer props.


marge simpon wig


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