Marie Antoinette Ghost Costume Wig

I am unashamed in my support and sympathy to fallen Queen of France Marie Antoinette.  Over the years, due to rumors and false accusation her reputation has been slandered.  Don’t get me wrong Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI of France, was spoiled, vapid, vain, and totally lacking any self-awareness.  But she wasn’t necessarily a bad person who deserved to be killed after a sham of a trial.

A lot of the bad press about her was spread because the population of France didn’t like the fact that she was Austrian and spent like a fish. There were rumors of affairs (no evidence of such), rumors that she wanted the peasants killed, rumors and accusations that she abused her children(surprisingly the female population started to support her after this), and so on.  She was a scapegoat so that the surviving French nobility and the leaders of the next failed government could appease the peasant mob.  She never even said, Let them eat cake.

So due to the notoriety, her name has survived in our consciousness for years after her death. And it never fails that during Halloween or a costume party at least one woman in your circle will be parading around as Marie Antoinette.  So let’s chat about the one thing that you need to pull this look off. In order to have the look, you’ll need a Marie Antoinette Ghost Costume Wig. No wig, not Marie Antoinette.  Marie Antoinette Ghost Costume Wig are available everywhere from stores to online shops.  The question is where can you find one that looks good, and could possibly used for different costumes.

I like this wig for one reason.  It doesn’t subscribe to the higher to heaven the closer to God theory.  If you use it for your Marie Antoinette Ghost Costume Wig then it’ll be unmistakable as one of the earlier stylings (not a word) of the Dauphine.  But it could stretch to any costume that takes place during the Baroque period or the 18th century. Before the coup d’etat (seize of the state) and the end of this fashion trend.  I also enjoy the fact that this wig follows and adds something that many Marie Antoinette wig makers forget, that she liked to add little embellishes to her wigs. It’s cute, it’s affordable and it’s flexible.