Marie Antoinette Wigs

Okay let’s face it.  This is just post because in all honesty Marie Antoinette Wigs went out the day the woman got beheaded during the French Revolution.  But the woman has a mystique for a reason, for better or worse, she has gone down in history as a huge factor in the Revolution. When really she wasn’t.

The leading cause of the downfall of the monarchy was the vast poverty and famine that was spreading throughout the country amongst the peasants due to King Louis XVI’s gross mismanagement of policy and the economy.  Also false rumors being spread of Marie Antoinette oh and racism.  The French populace hated her because she was Austrian and that never changed throughout her husband’s reign.  Her most famous line, Let them eat cake most likely was never said by her.  And before she was put to death, the female population was sympathetic towards her due to the outlandishness of her trial.  So in the end, she was vapid, spoiled, selfish, and in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If Louis had been a better king her time in France would have passed with a blip. She would just have been an unpopular queen.

But the tragedy of her story, and the Revolution has allowed her to survive as a pop culture figure for a long time.  I mean do you know who King John’s wife was when he was forced to sign the Magna Carta?  Do you know if he was even married?  Nope, but we all know who Marie Antoinette was and to this day she is also one of the most popular Halloween costumes out there.

And in order to be the Dauphine herself, you’ll not only need the dress but the hair. And it really isn’t that hard to find.  Marie Antoinette Wigs are everywhere, from costume shops to online retailers and most people would be tempted to just buy the first wig that they see.  But that’s not how I roll folks.  I only recommend nice things, pretty things, and I refuse to only any of you to walk out of your home wearing a busted wig.  Marie deserved better (really she should have been exiled back to Austria but angry mobs you know) and so do you.

I like this wig, and really it’s one of the better Marie Antoinette Wigs that you’ll see out there in the market.  Available on, this wig sports the famous Pompadour style that was very popular in the mid to late 1700’s and is also available in different colors for those who want a bit of a different spin on their Marie Antoinette.