Mullet Wigs

mullet wigs2

Unless it’s for a costume, I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to bring back one of the most heinous hairstyles known to mankind.  The mullet is dead and gone, and I’m sure that the majority of the country is perfectly happy to keep it that way.

Also thankfully unlike the Afro the mullet has not been making a comeback, nope it died with the end of Achy Breaky Heart. So after all the disdain I’ve thrown down on it, why would I bother talking about a hairstyle I obviously don’t care for?  Simple, Halloween.  Let’s face it why else would anyone try to sport a hairstyle that’s all Business in the Front and Party in the Back?  Anyway, enough mocking.

I do understand that there are those who might like to go a little country around the Halloween season and decided that a mullet is just the thing to set off the look.  And rather than inflicting it upon yourself it’s just easier to buy a wig.

It’s not that hard to find mullet wigs around as most of them are available online if you can’t track them down at your local party supply or costume shop.  And like many costume wigs it really should cost you a little under $20 maybe $30 at most if you want a quality looking piece.  Then again it’s  a mullet why waste cash on the effort?  It’s just a matter of finding the mullet that’s right for you.  Just do me a favor alright, make sure that any mullet that you decide to galavant around town with is easily removed with a quick tug.


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mullet wigs