Poison Ivy Wig

poison ivy wig


When I think Poison Ivy, I think one of the toughest females on the Batman Rogues Gallery.  Dr. Pamela Isley, the poisoned plant lover.  She’s been around for a long time as long as I can remember really.

The first time I ever saw her was in the Batman: Animated Series back in the 90’s and she was one of my favorites.  Please note that I refuse to acknowledge that George Clooney film because just no.

Anyway Dr. Isley was motivated by one thing her love of plants, until she became homicidal.  She’s the ultimate Greenpeace member and her control of plants is deadly.  Like many of the Batman villains she’s locked up in Arkham  Asylum until she escapes for the millionth time.  Regardless she’s an ingrained part of comic lore and also a popular Halloween costume choice and why wouldn’t she be.

Poison Ivy is stunningly beautiful with bright red hair, pale/green skin (depending on who’s in charge of the comics at the time), and of course form fitting clothing.  Let’s just say that she’s sexy and she knows it. And next to the Joker’s number one gal Harley Quinn (incidentally Ivy and Quinn are best friends) she’s a pretty popular costume choice for women being that other character like Talia Al Ghul aren’t that well known.

You can get by on most of the costume choices as there have been different versions of her outfit.  And with the new DC 52 reboot again her look has changed but there is one thing that remains the same and without that hair you just aren’t going to be Poison Ivy.  But remarkably you don’t need to be too specific as just a red wig will do.  Almost any red wig really, well a long red wig.  And don’t go with the Uma Thurman style please as a comic book fan I beg of you don’t.  Here’s my advice, buy a long or at least shoulder length red wig and to touch it up add some fake vines and leaves to it.  You can probably find the leaves at least attached to fake flowers (which would also be cool) at any dollar store.

Just do the lady proud.