Rapunzel Wigs

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Rapunzel has had a bit of a resurgence lately with the character’s likeness being featured in Disney/Pixar Movies like Tangled so it’s understandable that long, flowing, braided hair is being sought out by parents for their kids and older women for their sexy costumes.

I say costumes because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear hair that trails on the floor for fun and I say that as someone who loves long hair.  Anyway, Rapunzel isn’t my favorite fairytale, but here goes nothing.




The wigs shouldn’t be that hard to find online or even in stores.  Of course in stores you aren’t going to find the hair under Rapunzel instead look for costumes for Disney/Pixar Tangled and you should see wigs for little girls.  For adults and more options for kids I would suggest looking online.  Again for high quality wigs you aren’t really going to find hair that length, maximum that I’ve ever seen was upper thighs and that was just one wig.  So it’s going to have to be costume wigs if you want Rapunzel length.  Regardless, good luck with your search and make sure that whatever wigs you choose look the way that you want.

Also as with any costume wigs make sure to check the reviews when possible.  Costume wigs can be great but some have fallen apart in wearers hands.  Anyway Good Luck!


rapunzel wigs