Blonde Beehive Wig for the 60s

The 60s has been surging as a very popular era for Halloween costumes, definitely surpassing the 80s but not beating the 70s. Let’s face it the clothes of the 60s were adorable and many women love the sassy feeling that they get wearing the outfits not only on Halloween but at theme parties.

So let’s say that you have the dress, you’ve perfect the mod style, the chunky jewelry, the Twiggy like eyelashes, and the kick butt boots. You’re still missing the iconic blonde beehive wig for the 60s. Well we live in the world of the internet so it’s not that hard to find. Even a lot of Halloween stores carry the wig but the internet gives you the option of really finding one that suits the dress or outfit that you’ve put together. I say blonde but as always with wigs you can search out the color that you like best, and because the beehive wig will be fitted you’ll want to have a wig cap on to prevent your hair from distorting the lines. Below are some of the ones that I liked.

This one I chose because of the style. It feels a little wild to me, definitely a little more exciting than average beehive. I just appreciated the bows as a little sense of flair. And this one I chose because it reminded me of a beehive crossed with the Marie Antoinette. Add the jewel in the center and I was sold. Best of all it’s available in different colors so I’m pretty tempted to buy it for Halloween this year. Seriously look at, it’s magnificent in such a ridiculous over the top way. The curls, the wave all of it just perfect.