How to Take Care of Curly Hair Wigs for Women

Sometimes women find difficulty in taking good care of their curly hair wigs in comparison to straight ones. Like the typical wigs, you need use a large tooth comb or wig brush to comb your curly wig daily and after each wash.

Beware of chlorine and salt water as well as Jacuzzis and saunas because these will damage the unit. You need to detangle from the ends until the scalp little by little while holding the base to keep it from shedding and root tension. You need to wet the hair every morning with water and use protein leave-in detangler.

Because the wig does not have natural scalp oil, use olive oil to replace the necessary oils in the hair shaft by applying it about two to three times a week before shampooing. This will keep your hair from dryness. Before you sleep, if you prefer to put it on, put the hair in big braid and make sure that it is not wet at all.

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