Dread Wigs




When we’re talking braid wigs, what we’re actually talking about is a wide variety of looks.  From big braids, medium sized, micro-Moesha braids, and Rastafarian braids let’s just say that you have options here.  I’ve worn braids a lot in my youth and still like to braid my hair during the winter.

Let me tell you that the process (and I do medium sized) takes hours of your life (about 8-10), is painful for a couple of days because of how tight the fake hair is braided into your real hair starting from the roots, and is incredibly frustrating to remove.

But let’s focus on dreads.  I personally not a fan because really it takes months to form dreads and then the only way to undo them is really to cut the hair off.  Most the dread is dead hair if you keep them on long enough and it can take days to undo them.  Days, a lot of oil (I mean a lot of oil), and an incredible well of patience.  Thankfully we have wigs.

There are plenty of dread wigs available online that onto only eliminate the need to wait for months on end until the dread is fully formed but the agonizing process of removing the dread.  Or all the hair that needs to be cut off when you’re ready to move on for them.  Trust me to get those cool long dreads that you may see people wearing takes a lot of commitment to the look.  I for one do not have that kind of patience.  Sure having regular medium sized braids in my hair ( a look I’m currently sporting by the by) hurt at first, sure I sat in a salon chair for hours will I gave the shop girl money to buy me snacks at the convenience store next door (who had some great deli sandwiches might I add also I caught up a my ereader books which was good), and sure the process of undoing them is going to be annoying (but that’s for months off) but they’re no where near as annoying as dreads.

So if you want a taste of what it’s like to wear them out or have a cool Halloween costume idea then I recommend checking online.  If you have a party store or costume shop or retail store that sells costumes you might be able to find dread wigs there, separate from a full costume but if you want a real good looking wig or just a cheap costume piece my advice is to go online  You’ll have more options when it comes to length and color in online shops then you would if you walked into a retail store.