Everything About Wigs For Women: Tips, Ideas, Styles & More

Wearing wigs for women has never been as popular as it is now (and even for men) because the technology for materials, netting, and machines have vastly improved. Even Hollywood actresses now wear wigs to instantly change their look or complete a costume for a specific role in a movie or TV show.

Below we’ve gathered a bit of information about wigs in general as well as expert advice on how to both wear and style your wig of choice.

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What is a Wig?

It is used as a head cover that is usually made from real human hair, synthetic hair, or in some cases… animal hair. The periwig was first used in the late 1600’s and is the origin of the word wig that we know today.

How Were Wigs Invented?

Wigs were worn by ancient Egyptians, members of the upper class in ancient Japan, China, and Korea. Queen Elizabeth I of England, France’s King Louis the XIII, King Louis the XIV and his court all wore wigs.

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During the 18th Century, members of the Commonwealth wore ceremonial wigs. Even in more modern times, some barristers in the UK still wear them in courtrooms.

What Makes Wigs Popular for Women?

Wigs for women grew in popularity because of celebrities like Donna Summer, Sia Furler, Lady Gaga, Diana Ross, and Tina Turner all paying a part in popularizing wigs. The popular diva, Cher, is known to love wearing wigs of any color with styles ranging from straight to curly.

Wigs are usually used as a part of a costume when wigs can appear to have vibrant colors to catch people’s attention. Wigs are also popularly used in cosplay events and are worn at sporting events to show support for spectators’ favorite teams.

Some people use wigs to hide their baldness. Wigs are a safe and cheaper way to improve your appearance compared to other alternatives for hair restoration, or over the counter hair products.

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The Cost of Wigs
Before purchasing a wig, think of how much you are willing to spend. When it comes to price, synthetic wigs can cost anywhere from $5 to $100; depending on the quality. On the other hand, there are human hair wigs that can cost up to $3,000. When it comes to one price vs another as it relates to wig buying, it really comes down to accepting the fact that you get what you pay for.

Maintaining Your Wig’s Shape

If you want your wig to keep its original shape when not in use, it is recommended that you use a wig form (a wig mannequin) to store your wig. You also need to have your own set of basic tools to keep your wig looking great. Fiber is used to make synthetic wigs so you can use Woolite as shampoo. For your conditioner, you can try using fabric softener.

It is also advised to use wig spray shine and conditioner to make sure your wig never loses its luster. Human hair wigs require moisture, so you need to use shampoo that has essential oils to bring out its bounce and shine. This will also keep the wig hydrated at all times, and increase it’s longevity.

Tips on How to Wear Wigs Properly
The most recommended way to wear your wig depends on your natural hair and how well you can secure your wig to make sure it doesn’t come off. To get a direct answer on this, a good idea is to speak to a stylist in your area or look at videos on platforms like YouTube to see the recommended style… but hopefully the below will point you in the right direction:

– For those with real hair: Create a smooth surface by tucking your real hair under your wig cap. If you want an extra firm hold, you might want to try a headband with its teeth going in one direction to keep your natural hair from moving.

– For those experiencing hair loss: Use bonded wigs. You can use things like wig glue, or even garment tape to ensure that your wig sticks to your scalp. Some people have even been known to use double-sided tape.

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7 Quick Tips on How to Style Your Wig

1) Choose to buy your wigs from stores that sell beauty products, or online stores dedicated specifically to wigs. It’s a known fact that costume stores tend to sell their wigs at a more expensive price. Your best bet in finding a good wig with the best price and quality is by checking beauty supply shops and deals online.

2) Customize the cut. Style it or trim it according to your preferred style and length. If you are hesitant about doing this, the best option is always to have it styled by a professional hairdresser.

3) Dye it. If you want to have a different hair color for a special occasion, make sure to choose a wig that is made of natural hair. This way, you can heat it up, curl it and style however you want; but proceed with caution. Keep in mind that dying your wig is usually something that you cannot do with synthetic wigs. When it comes to selecting a wig that you plan on dying at some point, blonde wigs are the best choice for coloring or toning.

4) Tweeze it. New wigs that you buy from the local store tend to have perfect hairlines. Most hairstylists suggest using tweezers to make wigs look natural instead of something that came from a factory.

5) Powder it. Powder is known to remove the extra shine that comes with synthetic wigs. Hair powder allows you to have a more natural-looking hair instead of a shiny, costume-like wig. This goes for both human hair and synthetic wigs.

6) Use a specific brush. People who have experience in wearing wigs can testify that they get tangled up just like real hair. The best brush for detangling your wig is a wide-mouth brush.

7) Use heat and steam for styling. Human hair wigs are heat-friendly so you can use curling irons and steamers on it; however, care is REQUIRED. It is not recommended to use anything hot if you are using a synthetic wig; once you start using heat on synthetic fibers, the wig will be ruined.

Tip: You can choose to use steam to smoothen out your wig.You can choose a brush-steamer combination exactly how you would blow dry your own natural hair. You can also put curlers on your wig and make sure they stay in place by going over the curls with steam.

Other Tips

– Add extra oomph. Most wigs need help when it comes to volume, so you need to make sure you do something about it if that’s important to you. If you are using a wet wig made of natural hair, you can use a spray that thickens the hair while you blow dry or air dry it.

– Get the right size. Choosing the correct size is just as important as finding the right style and color. The worst thing that can happen is to buy a wig that doesn’t fit. You don’t want your wig slipping, riding up, or looking like it’s bulky and simply not natural looking.

Whatever kind of wig you choose, whatever the occasion or reason for wearing one, wigs for women (and even men) have made changing one’s look much easier during everyday activities and of course they can make wearing costumes more lifelike.