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Quite often we get requests from people who are on the hunt for wigs for kids that can be purchased online and shipped to their home. For that reason we decided to dedicate a portion of our website to people who need the same thing, as well as for people who have done this and would like to share their experience with the rest of the world. The latter is very important to us because one of the most valuable things in life is experience, and such becomes even more valuable when it is shared with others.

In this section you will also see many pictures of kids actually wearing wigs which will be a good visual aid o help both kids and their parents to select a wig that might be a good fit for the wearer. This can be a useful tool due to the fact that the child can see what it might look like to wear a particular wig, and since children often have dynamic imaginations… it doesn’t seem too far fetched to believe and understand this can be useful.

We receive many visitors to this page that are looking for ways to donate to help assist and aid disadvantaged kids who’s families cannot afford to provide them with all of the hair care products needed to help them during their difficult times. If you are here looking to donate in such a way, or to get info about how support can be provided to such individuals, please let us know.

Tina Turner Wigs

It’s pretty easy to forget that Ms. Tina Turner has had more than one hairstyle in her time.  Let’s face it when you think of Tina Turner, the first thing that comes to mind is that 80’s hair.  Spiky, high, shaggy, deep honey base, and black roots it’s truly an iconic look that’s been imprinted ...