Baking Soda Bath for Hair Wigs for Women and Men

This article will tackle an alternative and cheap way on how to maintain the good quality of your investment that is your hair wigs. With just some home essentials like baking soda found on your kitchen, you can ensure that the life of your wig will last more than expected.

The baking soda bath is used for wig to remove styling and conditioning product build up. This problem usually resulted from styling products used as needed. To be able to do this, you will need to fill a large three-quart container with hot water and dissolve ½ to ¾ cups of baking soda into it.

Completely submerged the well—brushed wig unit into the mixture for at least four hours or even overnight. After soaking, rinse it with warm water and make sure that no backing soda was left to make it chalky. Wash with clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner then rinse thoroughly. Let the wig dry on the wig stand and you can now enjoy the freshened look of your accessory.

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